September 19 – Nov 9, 2017

Reflections is a temporary, site specific installation commissioned by Arts Brookfield in partnership with curator Jennifer Perlow of PS Art Consulting for the 1801 California building in downtown Denver, Colorado.

Reflections grabs the sky and mimics the undulating reflections found in the exterior windows of a skyscraper, effectively turning the building inside-out. As the building’s tenants and guests enter the elevator lobby, Reflections contrasts with the earthen marble of the building’s ground floor that surrounds them, serving as a reminder of the heights they could travel in this 700+ foot tall building. When routinely making the daily commute to one’s office it is easy to overlook the last leg of the journey that takes you into the sky.

Each monolithic piece (approximately 700 square feet in total) is comprised of many contiguous photographic prints of a brilliant blue sky with white cotton candy clouds. Each individual print is hand folded and shaped to give dimension and varying angles of reflection that shimmer and change both with the changing light of the day and the viewer’s angle as they move through the space.

Reflections - 1801 CaliforniaReflections - 1801 CaliforniaReflections - 1801 California