Remember this?


I still have some great copper and aluminum artwork hanging around the studio. Want to hang it on your wall?

For those of you that have come to follow my work in the last few years, you might not be familiar with my copper and aluminum work that was the precursor to the “Big Sky” series that has become my hallmark. (learn how the series of works fit together) I still have some spectacular copper and aluminum pieces in the studio that I am no longer showing. They need to find good homes where they can be enjoyed!

Contact me to tell me which one of the pieces you would like me to ship to you or to see what else is available to finish your holiday list.

(all pieces shown are 11″x14″, aluminim $150, copper $250)


Chris Dahlquist - polaroid daisy on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid daisy on copperChris Dahlquist - b&w tulips on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid tulips on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid forest on copperChris Dahlquist - Ferris Wheel on copper