Remember this?


I still have some great copper and aluminum artwork hanging around the studio. Want to hang it on your wall?

For those of you that have come to fol­low my work in the last few years, you might not be famil­iar with my cop­per and alu­minum work that was the pre­cur­sor to the “Big Sky” series that has become my hall­mark. (learn how the series of works fit togeth­er) I still have some spec­tac­u­lar cop­per and alu­minum pieces in the stu­dio that I am no longer show­ing. They need to find good homes where they can be enjoyed!

Con­tact me to tell me which one of the pieces you would like me to ship to you or to see what else is avail­able to fin­ish your hol­i­day list.

(all pieces shown are 11“x14”, alu­min­im $150, cop­per $250)


Chris Dahlquist - polaroid daisy on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid daisy on copperChris Dahlquist - b&w tulips on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid tulips on aluminumChris Dahlquist - polaroid forest on copperChris Dahlquist - Ferris Wheel on copper