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Generous, Compassionate, Humble

Barclay Martin

You know those people that you meet that just seem too nice to be for real? Too good to be true? And way too talented to really be so humble. Yep, we were skeptical as we were getting to know our now good friend Barclay Martin. And, I have to admit, I retained a bit of that disbelief until I got to know his parents, and I understood where a person like this might come from. Thank you Barclay for being you, and for always inspiring me to be a better version of myself! (And thank you Jen and Howard for your part in that!)

I love Barclay and what he is doing so much that his projects have become a staple under our Christmas tree, and my whole family knows him by way of their Christmas presents. Remember my assertion that buying a present from an artist was like giving two gifts, one to the recipient and one to the artist? Well, when you buy one of Barclay’s projects you will be giving threefold! The proceeds from his projects go to fund very worthy causes.


Rise and Dream:

A documentary movie that follows Barclay and 13 CFCA sponsored youth in the Phillipines as they learn to play their cultural instruments and give a concert on the edge of the jungle. Rise and Dream takes the viewer through the rigor of their rehearsals, and into the homes and hearts of this most unlikely student band. All proceeds go to the CFCA, a nonprofit that connects sponsors with youth or elderly in 22 developing nations.

Learn more and Buy the Movie Here.


The Snow Globes:

A trio of ultra talented musicians, including Barclay, Rick Willoughby and Lindsey Jones, have made my favorite Christmas music EVER. The vocal harmonies give me goosebumps, and I can’t hardly believe I know the people singing (and I know LOTS of talented musicians). Be sure to add this to your collection as well as under your tree. A portion of the proceeds from CD sales go to the Spofford Home – a residential treatment facility for kids in Kansas City.

Buy the CD here.


Barclay Martin Ensemble:

Pools that Swell with the Rain is a full length cd by Barclay and his ensemble of KC notables: pianist Mark Lowrey, bassist Rick Willoughby, and drummer Giuliano Mingucci. Proceeds from the sale of this cd go to to assist in raising awareness and funds to drill wells, build sanitation systems, and support educational programs in the Kyuso district of Kenya.

Buy this cd here.


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