Signs you’re in Texas

It's a lie about the driving.

Kyle and I crossed the Red River into my home state Tuesday night on our way to the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival. And though I haven’t lived here since I was a small child, and I often hear, “You don’t seem like a Texan” I was definitely raised as one – complete with the Texas flag flying in front of our house on holidays…in Missouri. So while I know instantly when I have crossed into the “Holy Land”, as my grandfather called Texas from the pulpit, for others it might not be so clear.

Some Signs:

  • You can hear a horse whinny from your hotel room…at the Hyatt.
  • There are images of barbed wire along with your room number outside your door.
  • The two pair of cowboy boots tucked away in your suitcase seem inadequate.
  • The glasses of iced tea are bigger than your head.
  • The state flag is everywhere you look.
  • You hear the words “boot” and “scootin'” used together in a sentence.
  • The stars at night are big and bright.

*signs may vary – there might be a few others

Some Visual Signs:

Babe's ChickenTractor seatsFancy tractor seatSouthern foodDessert? Who raised that cowboy?Lots of feet have walked those stockyard bricksHog and sheep buildingThey are everywhereLonghorns

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