Simple Luxuries

I’m not going to lie, as much as I love traveling, and no matter how itchy my feet become when I am stationary for too long, I also love my home, my community and the life Kyle and I have built in Kansas City. Sometimes it is truly hard to leave. And each summer as we begin our summer tour, we are faced with finding someone that will look after our house and take care of our household of furry companions. But what’s truly amazing is when find something more, someone that will look after and love our home as much as we do. We are so lucky to have found that person this year, the multi-talented artist that we adore, Megan Gallant.

How wonderful it is to come home to this note from Megan!


Things I love about this house

  • The simple but fantastic layout – I like to use both the upstairs and downstairs sitting areas, depending on my mood
  • That I can set my favorite temperature in the upstairs shower and it doesn’t change when I turn the water on and off
  • Everything on top of the downstairs bathroom counter, including the sink – wonderful collection of objects*
  • Beautiful yummy local veggies through your CSA!
  • National Geographics laying around the house. I love this magazine!
  • The fantastic collection of cooking spices and fresh herbs in pots out back 


*Sink by artist Conner Burns, art objects by Justin Teilhet, Cathy Broski & Kyle Osvog

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