Storytime with Kina

We are so lucky!


Kina Crow

I’d like to introduce you to another great friend and my favorite story teller, Kina Crow. Her stories take the form of sculptures and paintings that tell volumes with the simplest of gestures and the fewest words. At first glance,  they are witty and funny and we have a chuckle. Then we begin to realize that Kina is very gently poking at a truth much deeper, and in the process giving us all permission to laugh at ourselves.

Her brevity makes them all the more poignant – I am trying to take a lesson! So I will let Kina share her story with you – she can do it much better than me.

Check out this other piece she made for us and guess who is that little girl in her red cowgirl boots. And can you guess who the slightly sly accordion guy is? (answer)

"the ever so slightly sly little tiny accordion guy"


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  1. big jim December 17, 2012 at 2:07 pm #

    l love kina’s big mouth too!! heehee xoj

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