Street theater

There is time for art

Musicians and street performers are in almost every plaza and jardin. And this week there is a street performer’s festival that has brought artists from all over Mexico to every corner of Guanajuato. (Really one should be forewarned so when they encounter a troupe of clowns wielding swords in an otherwise deserted callejon they don’t become TOO startled!) I have seen plenty of places that have buskers in the streets, subways, train stations, etc. but something makes this distinctly different – in this unhurried pace of life people take the time to sit and watch.  Not only is there art but there is audience everywhere! How/why is it that people have become too busy for this, hurrying past with one ear cocked?

And now Kyle and I are off to see some art –  two gallery openings, some street theater and our friend the cellist in one of our favorite restaurants.


Street theater in front of Teatro Juarez


From the book I am currently reading:

Starting to Wander: Living and Traveling in Central Mexico by Stephen Arthurs

“There were broad palatial rows of steps leading up to the entrance of the very opulent theater, but on this night (and on most nights as we later learned), the steps had been commandeered by the general public for use as bleachers for the sole purpose of watching entertainment just as medieval as the estudiantinas: street clowns. It seemed fitting somehow that the common people had turned their backs on the ostentatious grandeur of the Teatro Juárez, and were making their own amusements outside in the streets, the true home of mexican culture.”


Do you make enough time for art? What could change so that you did?





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  1. bigjim February 2, 2012 at 8:00 pm #

    los payasos freak me hacia fuera (?)
    i do like jugglers though!
    and i like cello players!
    and i love juggling cello players!
    but i can only juggle three at a time!

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