Stu-stu-studio Time!

Sorry for the absence of blog posts we have just a few weeks of studio time between trips and we are both making the most of it!

Kyle is back in the recording studio with his band The Hardship Letters to finish up recording their debut album. The first four songs sound amazing and their live performance last night sounded better than ever. If those are an indication of what we can expect from the album we are in for a treat!

And I’ve just completed the digital mock-ups and am waiting for approval on three different commissions. I love making these pieces – knowing exactly who they are going to imbues them with a different energy than when I am creating them for an unknown collector. Making Judie’s or Mary’s piece just somehow feels different. And the problem solving required to meet someone’s particular needs engages my logical brain and returns me to my childhood science fair experiments. The metal preparation is almost complete for these and I will begin making images by Monday. I can’t wait!


So just like that I am off, off to the art supply store for a little playtime I have scheduled with one of my favorites this weekend, but if you are curious about the commission process you can learn more about it here, or drop me a line and we can talk about how we might work together to make something just for you.

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