Switching Gears

Alacartoona - by Rich Sugg/KC Star

After 5+ weeks on the road we arrived home on Monday to abruptly change gears.


Kyle (the smiley one that is usually behind the scenes at my shows) was in the photo studio with his band Alacartoona within two hours of our arrival in KC, but not behind the camera like I am – he shines best in front of it.

Yesterday we heard his silky voice on the radio as their single was aired for the first time.

Today the aforementioned photo graced the cover of the entertainment section of the newspaper accompanying a great article by Timothy Finn.

And just now we received word that the boxes have arrived at the post-office, it sounds great, and all is in order. So with that (and many, many previous hours of hard work)


Alacartoona’s much awaited new album “Fantoche” will be released and celebrated tomorrow with a sold out crowd!



I am so proud of him and them that I thought you should know! The other thing you should know is that the absolutely beautiful wet plate collodion photograph that is gracing the cover of the album is by our friend Robert Szabo (I learned to make wet plates from him) and it is stunning. And that the puppets were hand made by the late Dolores Hadley. Thank you all for your talents!

So when you buy the cd you have three amazing works of art in one!!

If you are in the KC area you can check Alacartoona’s calendar – they have some fantastic dates coming up. (Hint: you can also buy a cd here just not quite yet!)


  1. carolyn September 13, 2012 at 8:42 pm #

    wonderful writing Chris…….and I am sure I am a completely unbiased judge…….am enjoying it all……love to you and that musician…….

    • Chris September 13, 2012 at 8:48 pm #

      The “Smiley one?” Thanks!

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