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Thanksgiving Tradition

My Thanksgiving tradition, that I want to share with you, is to read a letter written by my grandfather, Dr WW (Buck) Jones, to my grandmother, Adena, when he was a chaplain in the service during WWII.  I am thankful for them.

Reverend WW (Buck) and Adena Jones

Thanksgiving Day 1945

For some reason on this Thanksgiving day my thoughts have picked up that little phrase someone wrote us when we were married.  “May there be just enough clouds to make the sunset beautiful.”  Of course it would be quite a shallow view of life if we thanked God only for the bright and pleasant things.  For this would be such a dreadful place in which to live without the clouds and the rain.  Continue reading »

Recollections of a Home and Family that Once Was…

Grandmommie & DaddyBuck

I posted this letter last year but it is my annual tradition to read this letter first thing on Thanksgiving morning, and really once a year isn’t enough. So I hope you enjoy it once again!

It was written on Thanksgiving Day, 1945 by my Grandfather Rev. Dr. W.W. Jones to my Grandmother, Adena White Jones, while he was away in the army. They were newlyweds and they were expecting their first child – my father. I am thankful!

Thanksgiving Day, 1945

…All the reams of paper couldn’t contain the mercies that I’m thankful for today, for they pass my imagination in a never-ending parade. The rain of yesterday, the bright sunshine of today: the little ponds of ice I saw outside this morning, a shelter warm as toast: memories, rich and mellow, embroidered with hearty friendship and camaraderie; enemies – and the joy of being able not to hate them; cool water from a spring on a long, hot hike; good food that makes one comfortable inside; flitting glimpses out of the past that now seems so far away, so much apart of another world that one gives pause to think – could it be so and could that have been me? Continue reading »