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Join me in Denver!

Making Reflections: The Photograph as Object


Show and Tell Event

Tuesday Nov. 7th, 4:30-7pm

1801 California, Denver, Colorado 80202 

Stop in Anytime!

I’m looking forward to my “show and tell” of how we made the installation Reflections, currently up at 1801 California in downtown Denver. Continue reading »

Megan Lou Gallant transforms Gillis Art Lab

If you are near downtown, KCMO, this Friday night, Oct 20, I hope you will join us for 3rd Friday in Columbus Park. The evening will be beautiful, with lots of community and great art!

Suspended Stories | Megan Gallant

Megan Lou Gallant turns Gillis Art Lab into an immersive curio cabinet, transforming found objects,
rediscovered artworks, and raw materials into visual poetry and momentary wonders.

Friday, Oct 20, 2017, 6pm-9pm


Gillis Art Lab

1029 E 5th St, KCMO 64106


As the Historic Columbus Park neighborhood where we live and have our studio is becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to open our fabulous studio space to host guest artists in the newly formed Gillis Art Lab. Our vision is for it to be a welcoming and casual space for artists to test ideas and to show work outside of a formal gallery setting, and to demystify the creative process by allowing viewers to see work in progress. It is all a grand adventure!

Also open nearby on 3rd Friday:

Kiosk Gallery
916 E 5th

Kiosk Gallery presents “Structural Integrity” – a solo exhibition by Kansas City artist Cydney Ross, featuring new ceramic sculpture works.

Trap Gallery
525 Gillis St

“Love Rust: A Celebration of Oxidation
13 artists who are devoted to rust as medium and muse.

Hanging the Laundry

with my beautiful tribe…

Photographer Emily Evans Sloan

Photographer Emily Evans Sloan

As always my goal is to make my artwork look effortless. To blend a simple concept and materials so seamlessly as to look like the outcome is inevitable. “Laundry Day” was no exception. However, you must know that building and erecting a huge clothesline, and hanging fabric printed photographs (in strong winds) in a downtown park was not without its challenges. Thankfully, I have the best tribe of talented, hard working artists that helped me make it happen. I am humbled that so many of them took time away from their own art practices to help me realize this piece. And a special shout out to the talented photographer Emily Evans Sloan for capturing the process and my beautiful people. (all installation photos © Emily Evans Sloan) (all historic photos courtesy of Missouri Valley Collections, Kansas City Public Library)

(You can read more about the project “Laundry Day” and the historic images here.)

I am so, so thankful!

Marco Pascolini overseeing the muscle... Megan Crigger stopped by to get a preview of the imagesMegan Gallant my right hand girl through the whole process sewing finishing touches to the sheets. So lucky to have Megan Gallant, such a talented artist assisting me on this project. Her contribution was invaluable!Kyle and Chris Chapin All hands on deck to install the sheets in the strong winds that day!Chris Chapin keeping us all from blowing away.Marco Pascolini eyeing that still?Christina Robertson - good to have legal counsel present just in case! Jeff Freling playing in the laundry. While Erin McGrane and Christina Robertson try to get it all in place. Megan Gallant and I positioning the images. 25mph winds didn't make our job easy that day. Thankfully Kyle Dahlquist was home from touring just in time to make it all work (and be the presence that always calms my nerves!)How's it going up there Kyle?Chris Chapin installing clothespins.Ahhhh, look what we have done! Here's to my tribe! I couldn't have done it without them!And I have to say, I am proud.