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Thanksgiving Tradition

My Thanksgiving tradition, that I want to share with you, is to read a letter written by my grandfather, Dr WW (Buck) Jones, to my grandmother, Adena, when he was a chaplain in the service during WWII.  I am thankful for them.

Reverend WW (Buck) and Adena Jones

Thanksgiving Day 1945

For some reason on this Thanksgiving day my thoughts have picked up that little phrase someone wrote us when we were married.  “May there be just enough clouds to make the sunset beautiful.”  Of course it would be quite a shallow view of life if we thanked God only for the bright and pleasant things.  For this would be such a dreadful place in which to live without the clouds and the rain.  Continue reading »

Announcing New Public Artwork!

Hilton Home2 Suites

I’ve been hiding a little something under my hat! But now I’m thrilled to announce that I was awarded a commission for permanent artwork on the exterior of the new Crossroads Hilton Homes2 Suites on the corner of 20th and Main St in Kansas City, MO. If you’re in the neighborhood – perhaps passing by on the streetcar – be sure to take a peek! (You can’t really miss it. It is approximately 130’x10′!)

“I am honored to create large-scale images for the Crossroads Arts District, a cultural center that has nurtured me and seen me mature as an artist over the last three decades. Big sky images brought down to street level will offer hotel guests one of the unique and intrinsic qualities of Kansas City—the ocean of land surrounding it. And for Kansas Citians, it will serve as a reminder that our city has flourished not in spite of, but because of, the sweeping landscape, and that there is still a lot of room for growth and daydreaming.” -Chris Dahlquist

A big thank you to Mid-America Arts Alliance, Sunflower Development Group, and True North Hotel Group for this opportunity and for adding to the creative ecosystem in Kansas City.

Read the full press release from Mid America Art Alliance

Chris Dahlquist’, Room to Daydream installation, September 2017






“The good news is that in our long journey to the other shore, the world will always provide us opportunities to offer ourselves.” Lodro Rinzler


I am so fortunate to have so many opportunities in front of me!

You can see “Arrival” and a few other pieces from the Ghost Notes Series starting this Friday, August 4th, as a part of Kansas City Society of Contemporary Photography’s show “Finding Peace Finding Center” at the Leedy-Voulkos Art Center in Kansas City, MO. (On display in the Main Gallery until August 24, 2017)

To see other opportunities coming up in the next couple of months, including exhibitions featuring the Ghost Notes Series, please have a look at my full schedule.


There’s so much in simplicity

“Simplicity should not be identified with bareness.”

-Felix Adler

Mile Marker 534, size 14″ x11″



Dahlquist’s Gillis Art Lab Open this Friday

If you are near downtown KCMO tomorrow, stop by 3rd Friday in Columbus Park to get a sneak peek at the most ambitious public installation I have ever undertaken! I will be installing it soon in Denver but before it goes, I really want to share it with you, my Kansas City people.

So come on by my studio and see the first of the finished pieces, get a glimpse of the process, and see it in the context of my previous work. ​

Journey to Reflection: Work in Progress

Gillis Gallery Art Lab

1029 E 5th St, KCMO  64106

July 21, 2017, 6pm-9pm


Detail from “Reflections” by Chris Dahlquist


As the Historic Columbus Park neighborhood where we live and have our studio is becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to open our fabulous studio space to host guest artists in the newly formed Gillis Art Lab. Our vision is for it to be a welcoming and casual space for artists to test ideas and to show work outside of a formal gallery setting, and to demystify the creative process by allowing viewers to see work in progress. It is all a grand adventure!

Also open nearby on 3rd Friday:

Kiosk Gallery
916 E 5th

“Change is the Only Constant: Impermenent Photograms”  by Tracey Haynes

Trap Gallery
525 Gillis St

Katherine Davis – Journey to Abstract

Recharging the Batteries

“I like silence; I’m a gregarious loner and without the solitude, I lose my gregariousness.” —  Karen Armstrong


After more than four weeks on tour I am grateful to be back in the studio for a few weeks to recharge the batteries! How about you? How do you recharge?

Midwest Living: Let’s Talk Art

Oh my goodness, we have been so busy in the studio this summer that I almost forgot to tell you…MY WORK IS FEATURED IN A LARGE MAGAZINE – Midwest Living May/June edition!


Midewest Living, May/June 2017


My favorite quote from the article:

“Fall in love The art in your home should do more than decorate. It should resonate, reflecting your personality, experiences and values. So don’t second-guess a piece that brings you joy. If the color or style doesn’t seem to fit with your decor, just know there’s always a way to make it work.”

You can read the rest for yourself here: Midwest Living, May/June 2017, Let’s Talk Art, page 74-81

Coming to a Town Near You

Would you like to get invitations like the one below to shows I’m having near you? Want to get insider tips to that show? Join my email list and get information specific to your area and I promise I won’t fill you inbox with spam or lots of kitty pictures like this, or this, or this…)


Oh yeah…and if you are in or near Chicago this weekend I would love to see you at the Old Town Art Fair!

Chris Dahlquist




I can’t wait to see you!

Mile Marker 586, 16″x22″

Come see me!


Old Town


Art Fair


Saturday, June 10



Sunday, June 11



Booth #202

(the corner of Menomonee & Orleans)


more information

Insider Tips

•Inside the Old Town Art Fair there is a Garden Walk featuring 50+ gardens hidden away in one of Chicago’s most charming historic neighborhoods. Pick up your map of the gardens at any of the art fair entrances. 

•Each piece of artwork you see displayed at the Old Town Art Fair is one of a kind (no reproductions allowed), so buy the piece of artwork you love when you see it or you might miss out. Most artists will happily store the piece for you while you continue to enjoy the art fair.


•Y’all are the experts in getting around Chicago and I’m sure you can find your way to Old Town (cough – brown line to Sedgwick station), but did you know we will happily arrange to deliver your new Dahlquist artwork for free so you don’t have to wrestle it back home on the train.

Can’t wait until next week? Visit my online gallery, then contact me to reserve your favorite piece – you’ll be able to breeze in and pick it up at the show, or have it shipped right to your door! 

I can’t do it without you, please help me spread the word!

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History Vendor


A Scavenger Hunt Meets A History Lesson!

1 of three vending machines in City Market Park

1 of 3 History Vendors in City Market Park

Living and working in Columbus Park, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Kansas City, I have come to appreciate the synergy between a neighborhood’s history, its residents, and the arts. I know first hand that a long history helps give a neighborhood identity, but it’s the creativity of its residents and visitors that, if engaged, can bring it life. And, of course you already know I am smitten by old photographs. So…

In History Vendor I am using vintage vending machines to freely distribute historic photographs of the area surrounding City Market Park. I invite participants through the use of photographs, maps and stories to explore the historically rich River Market District. The three machines will be on display through October. (Or until we run out of the 45,000 history cards we have to vend!)

May 16 – Oct 10, 2017
City Market Park
3rd & Main, KCMO


More information is on my new project specific website www.historyvendor.com

Nowhere To Go But Everywhere

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.”
–Jack Kerouac

Mile Marker 469, 35″x51″