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Be Nice & Do Good

The New Year is full of platitudes and easily dismissed resolutions. High on holiday sweets and delirious from so much love and social interaction, we vow to be better in every way in the upcoming year – to do more, to eat less, to speak up, to slow down, to experience more, to love better.

I am the worst. My list of resolutions is as long as my arm (and if written there perhaps they would stick a little longer). But in the end, it really only amounts to two things: Be Nice and Do Good

Lucky for us, my community is full of people doing exactly that, and by giving them a helping hand we can be one step closer to living our resolutions this year.


So here’s the Deal:


  1. Every month I will select a piece of artwork to give away. (I still have some fabulous pieces from previous series that deserve a great home.)
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