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I have to admit I have been having a hard time this spring.

I knew this would be a year of growth. My word for the year was “Bold” and when some of my plans for the year began to falter, I added the word “Nimble”.  I knew there would be growing pains, as phrases like that become cliché for a reason. You see, I am developing a new series of artwork that involves a new printing process, and now, well past the initial steep and exciting part of the learning curve, my progress with this new technique has become so slow I think I might actually be moving backwards.

Combine that feeling with a week of completely over-intellectualizing photographs and photography at Fotofest (where the word beautiful was used as a pejorative), followed by three long days of discussing the business side of art as I helped train a new group of Artist Inc facilitators, and then finally a run of presenting my work for a wide variety of feedback from the 500,000 people that attend the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival, and photography and I were about to part ways. At the very least my camera and I were “on a break.” Essentially, these weeks have been confusing and left me trying to understand the meaning in what I do, but too tired to find it. Continue reading »

My studio soundtrack – Richard Shindell

The most seminal moment in my career as an artist was at a music concert. Continue reading »