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The Artist’s Eyes

To any artist, wor­thy of the name, all in nature is beau­ti­ful, because his eyes, fear­less­ly accept­ing all exte­ri­or truth, read there, as in an open book, all the inner truth.” —  Auguste Rodin

Mile Mark­er 591, 16“x22”


How it’s Remembered

Per­haps every­thing is not how it is, but how it’s remem­bered.” — Denis Nor­den

Mile Mark­er 237, 35“51″


The Real Things Haven’t Changed

The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be hon­est and truth­ful; to make the most of what we have; to be hap­py with sim­ple plea­sures; and have courage when things go wrong.”  ― Lau­ra Ingalls Wilder

Mile Mark­er 503, 22“x34”

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A Broken Blue Bowl

It was the month of May and there was warm sun­shine drip­ping through the holes between the clouds, like the sky was a bro­ken blue bowl and a child was try­ing to keep hon­ey in it.” ― Chris Cleave, Lit­tle Bee

Mile Marker 283, 16"x22"

Mile Mark­er 283, 16“x22”

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May I Have Your Hand

I’m pleased to announce that my image “The Wedding” was published in The Hand Magazine, Issue #11, January 2016.


The Wedding

The Wed­ding” ©Chris Dahlquist


The Hand Mag­a­zine is ded­i­cat­ed to being the world’s pre­mier forum for inno­v­a­tive and exper­i­men­tal uses of repro­duc­tion-based media. We are inter­est­ed in how artists include their own hand in the art object while uti­liz­ing mechan­i­cal or repro­duc­tion-based tech­niques.”


The Hand Mag­a­zine was found­ed in 2013 by Kansas City based pho­tog­ra­ph­er and edu­ca­tor Adam Finkel­ston who I am hap­py to know and be inspired by on a reg­u­lar basis. He and his busi­ness part­ner, print­mak­er James Meara, began the pub­li­ca­tion to cre­ate a forum for artists work­ing in pho­tog­ra­phy and print­mak­ing allow­ing artists access to a larg­er audi­ence. Thank you Adam and James!


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Nature Laughed

A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sun­shine.” —  Anne Bronte

Mile Marker 506, 16x22

Mile Mark­er 506, 16x22


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A promissory note…

Sum­mer is a promis­so­ry note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next Jan­u­ary.” — Hal Bor­land

Mile Marker 515, 35x51

Mile Mark­er 515, 35x51

An individual heart shock…

If a paint­ing real­ly works down in your heart and changes the way you see and think and feel, you don’t think, ‘oh I love this paint­ing because it’s uni­ver­sal’ ‘I love this paint­ing because it speaks to mankind’. That’s not the rea­son any­one loves a piece of art. It’s a secret whis­per from an alley­way. Psst, you. Hey kid. Yes, you. An indi­vid­ual heart shock.…A real­ly great paint­ing is flu­id enough to work its way into the mind and heart through all dif­fer­ent angles, in ways that are unique and very par­tic­u­lar.”
― Don­na Tartt, The Goldfinch

Mile Marker 19, 22"x34"

Mile Mark­er 19, 22“x34”

Pick of the week, Oct 13

As a sin­gle foot­step will not make a path on the earth, so a sin­gle thought will not make a path­way in the mind. To make a deep phys­i­cal path, we walk again and again. To make a deep men­tal path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dom­i­nate our lives.”  - Hen­ry David Thore­au

Mile Mark­er 422, 45“x29” (set of 3)


This piece is cur­rent­ly avail­able (10/13/14). Please con­tact me if you are inter­est­ed in adding it to your col­lec­tion.



Pick of the week, Oct 6

A paint­ing requires a lit­tle mys­tery, some vague­ness, some fan­ta­sy. When you always make your mean­ing per­fect­ly plain you end up bor­ing peo­ple.” — Edgar Degas

Mile Mark­er 403, 22“x34”


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