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Photography lesson circa 1903

This week while I was in Mil­wau­kee I was gift­ed this book by our good friend, sculp­tor Mark Win­ter. He prob­a­bly thought I could use a few point­ers.

Picture Making for Pleasure and Profit

A Com­plete Illus­trat­ed Hand-Book on the Mod­ern Prac­tices of Pho­tog­ra­phy In All Its Var­i­ous Branch­es

by T Stith Bald­win
Pub­lished in Chica­go, Illi­nois 1903 Con­tin­ue read­ing »

Pachydermal Cobbler — Mark Winter

Beth Bojars­ki & Mark Win­ter

Before the year is up I want to intro­duce you to just one more friend. I pur­pose­ly didn’t do it before now because he was busy doing real­ly impor­tant work and I was afraid you would both­er him. Plus, I didn’t want to make you feel bad about what you weren’t doing with your hol­i­day! Con­tin­ue read­ing »

Plaza Art Fair #13 — Thank you Kansas City!

What a welcome home!


After 13 years of doing shows around the coun­try, my home­town show, my 13<sup class="ordinal">th</sup> Plaza Art Fair, pro­vid­ed the best show of my career! It was great to see famil­iar faces as well as make new friends at the show, so my spe­cial thanks to all that came out and made it a fan­tas­tic time! It real­ly is all about the peo­ple!


Here are some of the awesome things about this week that you didn’t get to see:



  • Our street fill­ing up with large vans sig­nal­ing the arrival of our peo­ple!
  • An impromp­tu and deli­cious din­ner par­ty with a house­ful of my favorite artists: Beth Bojars­ki, Mark Win­ter, Lynn and John Whip­ple, Jim Brown, and Gre­go­ry Sto­ry. (Ask them about the tamales!)
  • Help­ing Lau­ra Rob­son orches­trate a sur­prise vis­it from Ore­gon. And despite the fact she hadn’t done a show with all of us in six years, it felt just like old times.
  • Laughs so hard on our car rides to and from the show that my side still hurt the next day!
  • Host­ing a fan­tas­tic par­ty for the artists after the show with the AMAZING help of our good friends from Pandolfi’s. I nev­er want to host any­thing with­out these guys ever again!
  • Sit­ting back and think­ing about the col­lect­ed tal­ent at the par­ty, and the inter­est­ing lives they are lead­ing trav­el­ing from all cor­ners of the coun­try (and Cana­da). A brain trust assem­bling in our house, over­flow­ing onto the porch, dri­ve­way and yard!
  • Dozens of sleep deprived and stag­ger­ing artists dig­ging through the Riv­er Mar­ket Antiques the day after the show, and the show and tell that hap­pens after­wards.
  • Card play­ing on Mon­day night that is so exu­ber­ant the house vibrates with the excite­ment. (Who knew that dime ante pok­er could get suc­cess­ful adults so wound up?)
  • Qui­et porch con­ver­sa­tions that begin to hap­pen as the crowd starts to thin.
  • The ener­gy cre­at­ed by hav­ing so many of our best friends gath­ered in one place to sus­tain us through the win­ter sea­son until we all meet up again in Flori­da in March.
  • My new piece of art­work from Kina Crow that per­fect­ly express­es how I feel when every­one leaves.

Some­body pleeeease come play with me!



The Plaza Art Fair! — It’s Here!

Jim Brown and Mark Win­ter

The fall weath­er and our return home after sum­mer shows means it must be time for one of my favorite things! A house full of some of the most tal­ent­ed artists in the coun­try and the PLAZA ART FAIR!

After a great evening in the crisp air on the back porch, an evening of catch­ing up, of great food and laughs so hard my side still hurts this morn­ing, we are all on our way (short­ly, in my case) to set up our booths for the last fes­ti­val of the year. And it couldn’t be bet­ter. The weath­er is going to be PERFECT. Our friends are all gath­ered (both at our house and near the cor­ner of Cen­tral and Nichols in the show). And it is time for what is sure to be the best show of the year!


If you are in Kansas City come see me!
This is going to be fun!


Details of the show and the spe­cial cel­e­bra­tion offer­ing can be found in the email sent to sub­scribers. If you would like to receive these emails please sign up here and you can get in on the fun.


Bests of 2011 #5 — The Plaza Art Fair you don’t see.

I trav­eled to my first art fes­ti­val in May of 2000 and on my return home I exclaimed to Kyle, “I have found my peo­ple!”

That is as true today as it was in 2000, and con­tin­ues to be the one of the major high­lights of doing shows. And so it is bit­ter­sweet in Sep­tem­ber when we get to the end of our sea­son of trav­el and spend the last few days with our crazy tal­ent­ed friends that are scat­tered across the coun­try. For­tu­nate­ly for us this last hur­rah of the sea­son is the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City, which gives us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to host our friends. We fill our house and stu­dios (and now our new trail­er) to over­flow­ing with the most tal­ent­ed visu­al artists we know. Then on Sun­day night we host a par­ty for all the artists that can make it — the night is filled with many sto­ries, and much laugh­ter and music. It has def­i­nite­ly become one of the high­lights of our year, and one we always look for­ward to. But there is more…

With the fun that every­one is hav­ing and the knowl­edge that it might be half a year before we see one anoth­er again, the par­ty has been extend­ing, so much so that now it con­tin­ues through the week. As we say good-bye to those that have to hit the road, many of the clos­est stay and indulge in more laugh­ing, junk­ing, music-mak­ing, card play­ing, and world’s prob­lem solv­ing, all at the lan­guid speed of a sum­mer beach vaca­tion.  It’s rem­i­nis­cent of when I was a teenag­er on the phone with my boyfriend, not want­i­ng to say good­bye — “You hang up.”  “No, you hang up.”  “No, you hang up.”  “You hang up.”

I have found my people and I love them!

Jim C BrownPaul Andrews Beth Bojarski and Mark WinterDamian VelasquezChris Bruno and Lynn WhippleJohn WhippleGregory Story (we missed you at the party this year!)Audrey HellerDamian Velasquez and Lisa BurgeLisa Burge and Lynn WhippleJim Brown and Beth BojarskiLynn WhippleGregory Story and Jim BrownSo much laughingSoo tired

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