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Collective Memories

Some things never change:

Yesterday I was digging through some archived writings and found an artist statement that I wrote in 2007 for the Collective Memories series of photographs. What really stood out to me is that regardless of the imagery or technique I am using, the memories and the feeling I am hoping to evoke have remained the same. The artist statement written 7 years ago could be written about any artwork I have ever made. It is a nice reminder of what is at the core of my work. Continue reading »

Colorful Guanajuato

Kyle and I are back in Guanajuato, Mexico for our little winter warm up.


And I have to admit, our entry has been a little tougher this year. Not only because we are missing our friends Cheri and Allen desperately, but also because we both arrived with expectations this year. Both of us have pretty serious amounts of work that we would like to accomplish while we are here. I am shooting a new series for photo-gravure to be displayed at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery this summer, and Kyle has a lot of work to do on his pedal-steel guitar.

And isn’t it precisely these moments when life has a way of throwing a wrench in the system? Continue reading »

I love your cans

Thanks to everyone that came out to the Love Rust show last week. What a great time! Our neighborhood, Columbus Park, is the best, isn’t it!?


I had so much fun sharing images from my photographic sketchbook, and sharing everything I learned at Hallmark about photographing flowers, that I thought I would share some more with you. These are some of my favorites of the ubiquitous jalapeno cans in Guanajuato, Mexico that were outside of the scope of the Love Rust show. Continue reading »