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Dahlquist’s Gillis Art Lab Open this Friday

If you are near downtown KCMO tomorrow, stop by 3rd Friday in Columbus Park to get a sneak peek at the most ambitious public installation I have ever undertaken! I will be installing it soon in Denver but before it goes, I really want to share it with you, my Kansas City people.

So come on by my studio and see the first of the finished pieces, get a glimpse of the process, and see it in the context of my previous work. ​

Journey to Reflection: Work in Progress

Gillis Gallery Art Lab

1029 E 5th St, KCMO  64106

July 21, 2017, 6pm-9pm


Detail from “Reflections” by Chris Dahlquist


As the Historic Columbus Park neighborhood where we live and have our studio is becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to open our fabulous studio space to host guest artists in the newly formed Gillis Art Lab. Our vision is for it to be a welcoming and casual space for artists to test ideas and to show work outside of a formal gallery setting, and to demystify the creative process by allowing viewers to see work in progress. It is all a grand adventure!

Also open nearby on 3rd Friday:

Kiosk Gallery
916 E 5th

“Change is the Only Constant: Impermenent Photograms”  by Tracey Haynes

Trap Gallery
525 Gillis St

Katherine Davis – Journey to Abstract

Taking in the Laundry

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little sad to see my installation “Laundry Day” come down today. What a great chapter it was for me and my practice.

And as with many larger commissions (or grants) like this I was required to write an impact report for the funder, explaining the impact or outcomes of the project. And while it is too soon to know the full impact of this project, and it would be presumptuous of me to write about how it impacted the viewers, I shared the following initial thoughts with the presenters, the Kansas City Art Commission, and the Art in the Loop.



Ilus Davis Park without Laundry, Kansas City, Missouri

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