Terra Nullius


Minimal landscape photograph over silver painted steel

From the series Terra Nullius (#8)


I am really excited about my new series of work that is now showing in the Perlow-Stevens Gallery in Columbia, Missouri, Terra Nullius meaning no-man’s land. In this series of works I am exploring how we respond to information in a photograph and what our expectations of a photograph are. How much information is necessary to read an image as a landscape? How much information must I remove so that the viewer can respond to the image without trying to place the photograph in a literal location? (ie: “I think that is South Dakota” “That must be Kansas”. ) One thing I know I managed to do is create a body of artwork that is even harder to document than my previous works so if you are near or traveling through Columbia please stop in and see the work in person. To see it online just doesn’t compare!

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  1. […] Every year I try to sched­ule at least one gallery exhi­bi­tion, prefer­ably with my long time part­ner, the Perlow-Stevens Gallery in Colum­bia, Mis­souri. Jen­nifer Per­low and I have the best type of gallerist/artist rela­tion­ship, one based on a long-standing mutual trust. We are both able and will­ing to sched­ule a show up to 18 months in the future with nei­ther of us know­ing what my work will be at that point. This year PS Gallery moved to a beau­ti­ful new loca­tion and I was able to show with them twice. My sec­ond show of the year with them, Terra Nul­lius, I used the oppor­tu­nity to show­case new work, to push myself fur­ther and to explore new ques­tions. […]

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