The End of Summer

Four more days until Kyle and I are off for our North­West tour. With the heat here at home, it couldn’t come a moment too soon, but with the amount we need to get done before we leave, we could cer­tain­ly use an extra moment or two! And this year we will be trav­el­ing with the camper we pur­chased in Ida­ho on last year’s tour, which adds anoth­er whole lev­el of com­plex­i­ty to the prepa­ra­tions, but a new lev­el of fun to the trip.

So I am going to steal a few moments from you, fine read­er, with promis­es that I will regale you with sto­ries as we make our way west. I hope you can join us at a show or for a cup of cof­fee or a cock­tail along the route. We don’t have all of our plans con­firmed (the trail­er makes us more free-wheel­ing), but here are some high­lights.

Hope to see you soon!

Mile Mark­er 295, 16x22


Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Fair
August 10–12, 2012
Ketchum, Idaho

In addi­tion to see­ing our fel­low artist friends in Sun Val­ley, we are look­ing for­ward to see­ing our new friends Mark and Mar­garet Stew­art that we got to know last win­ter in Gua­na­ju­a­to, Mex­i­co.




Then after a beau­ti­ful dri­ve (and some pho­tograph­ing along the way), we will be cross­ing the bor­der to see our very close friend, Jim Brown, in Van­cou­ver, BC. This will be Kyle’s first time to vis­it, and after spend­ing so much time with Jim all across the US, we are excit­ed to see him on his “home turf”. From there the plans get a lit­tle squishy. We know at some point we will plan a vis­it with Kyle’s sis­ter who lives in Seat­tle, hope to see our friends Ben Beam­er, Lau­ra Rob­son and the rest of the Oakridge, Ore­gon gang, and spend some qual­i­ty time with our books and bicy­cles in a for­est some­where.
Final­ly, just as every­one is begin­ning to hate us for our life of leisure, we will have one more evening of R&R with our friends Ann Wylie and Phillip Smith in Port­land, and then begins the most chal­leng­ing 10 days of the year…


Mile Mark­er 312, 16x22

Art in the Pearl
Labor Day Weekend
Sept 1–3, 2012
Portland, Oregon 


St Louis Art Fair
Sept 7–9, 2012
St Louis, MO




I hope to see many of you along the way! But for those of you in St Louis, I hope to see you with a much need­ed cup of cof­fee — I take cream, no sug­ar.

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  1. bigjim August 3, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    woowho road trip!!! cant wait to see you! have fun in the camper! xoj

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