The End of Summer

Four more days until Kyle and I are off for our NorthWest tour. With the heat here at home, it couldn’t come a moment too soon, but with the amount we need to get done before we leave, we could certainly use an extra moment or two! And this year we will be traveling with the camper we purchased in Idaho on last year’s tour, which adds another whole level of complexity to the preparations, but a new level of fun to the trip.

So I am going to steal a few moments from you, fine reader, with promises that I will regale you with stories as we make our way west. I hope you can join us at a show or for a cup of coffee or a cocktail along the route. We don’t have all of our plans confirmed (the trailer makes us more free-wheeling), but here are some highlights.

Hope to see you soon!

Mile Marker 295, 16x22


Sun Valley Arts & Crafts Fair
August 10-12, 2012
Ketchum, Idaho

In addition to seeing our fellow artist friends in Sun Valley, we are looking forward to seeing our new friends Mark and Margaret Stewart that we got to know last winter in Guanajuato, Mexico.




Then after a beautiful drive (and some photographing along the way), we will be crossing the border to see our very close friend, Jim Brown, in Vancouver, BC. This will be Kyle’s first time to visit, and after spending so much time with Jim all across the US, we are excited to see him on his “home turf”. From there the plans get a little squishy. We know at some point we will plan a visit with Kyle’s sister who lives in Seattle, hope to see our friends Ben Beamer, Laura Robson and the rest of the Oakridge, Oregon gang, and spend some quality time with our books and bicycles in a forest somewhere.
Finally, just as everyone is beginning to hate us for our life of leisure, we will have one more evening of R&R with our friends Ann Wylie and Phillip Smith in Portland, and then begins the most challenging 10 days of the year…


Mile Marker 312, 16x22

Art in the Pearl
Labor Day Weekend
Sept 1-3, 2012
Portland, Oregon 


St Louis Art Fair
Sept 7-9, 2012
St Louis, MO




I hope to see many of you along the way! But for those of you in St Louis, I hope to see you with a much needed cup of coffee – I take cream, no sugar.

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  1. bigjim August 3, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

    woowho road trip!!! cant wait to see you! have fun in the camper! xoj

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