The Plaza Art Fair! – It’s Here!

Jim Brown and Mark Winter

The fall weather and our return home after summer shows means it must be time for one of my favorite things! A house full of some of the most talented artists in the country and the PLAZA ART FAIR!

After a great evening in the crisp air on the back porch, an evening of catching up, of great food and laughs so hard my side still hurts this morning, we are all on our way (shortly, in my case) to set up our booths for the last festival of the year. And it couldn’t be better. The weather is going to be PERFECT. Our friends are all gathered (both at our house and near the corner of Central and Nichols in the show). And it is time for what is sure to be the best show of the year!


If you are in Kansas City come see me!
This is going to be fun!


Details of the show and the special celebration offering can be found in the email sent to subscribers. If you would like to receive these emails please sign up here and you can get in on the fun.


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