The Power of Nature

My focus as a photographer has consistently been to show the beauty in the “ordinary”, to make both myself and the viewer see the commonplace as the special place that it often is. However, many times on my travels, Mother Nature gives me the “extraordinary”, the scene so beautiful it slaps me in the face with the kind of beauty that can be easily captured in a simple snapshot. And while I don’t see my job as an artist as needing to point those scenes out to you, as a traveler I thought you might enjoy them.


Having said that, I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time over the last week cursing Mother Nature.


Here in KC it has been a week of cruel jokes played on us by the weather, including a May snow storm (the first since 1907) that came as we were scheduled to be setting up our booth for the Brookside Art Fair, toe numbing temperatures throughout the show, and then the most gorgeous day you could imagine immediately following the show.


So after the weekend of complaints, I thought I better send up a thank you for all the wonderful things Mother Nature can bring, and humbly ask her to tone it down next week in Belleville.



Dahlquist Ferry TripDahlquist Newport, ORDahlquist - Oregon CoastDahlquist - Oregon CoastDahlquist - Double RainbowDahlquist - Rainbow in the MountainsDahlquist - Oregon SunsetDahlquist - Tree on FireDahlquist - Sunset over Lake Michigan

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  1. blj May 9, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    Beautiful pictures!

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