The shipping department

Shipping department.

Ever wonder who takes care of the “shipping department” while we are away?


We have had many house sitters over our years of travel. In fact, our house sitting roster includes some of the most talented performers in Kansas City. Many have been in transition or recently back to Kansas City after a time of performances away. At times, our sitters spend almost as much time living in our house as we do – they are our invisible roommates. They are an essential part of our team. You get to see us and my work in Florida, Texas, Oregon etc. because they allow us to travel without concern for the furry assistants (aka shipping department) that reside with us.


Cory Imig (photo from Ink magazine)

But none have approached it in the way our current sitter does, for Cory it is a life style and an art project.


Cory Imig has foregone traditional living and an abundance of material possessions to live as a minimalist. By sharing other people’s homes with them while they are away, she gets to experience different ways of interacting with a space and different parts of the city. Her job as an artist is to question the status quo and for now that is living arrangements. And while this life-style choice certainly wouldn’t suit all, it is the perfect fit for this well organized, responsible young artist that likes to shake things up.

And in addition to being the best house sitter ever, her project is getting local attention (good thing we book our year of travel in advance!).

Read what Ink Magazine has to say about Cory here.

Follow her ongoing adventures on her blog: At Home Without a Home.


Thanks Cory! We couldn’t do it without you!


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  1. bigjim April 26, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    so great to have someone you can relax about leaving so much behind. what e relief! a shout out to my dog’s other owner – shirls xoj

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