The Western Expansion

2,200 miles of travel! (so far)


A) We left home 11 days ago and have covered a lot of ground since then, despite traveling with a small house behind our van. (We’re pulling the camper.)

Slow Moving


B.) The skies were clear the whole way.


C) We dropped in on our good friends Victor and Penny who were playing at the Red Fish Lodge in Stanley, ID. We surprised them good and enjoyed their show in a beautiful setting. (We are not in Kansas anymore! That joke never gets old, right?)


Victor and Penny at RedFish Lodge, Stanley, OR


C) We had a great show at the Sun Valley Arts Festival where I won Best of Photography, saw many old friends and met great new collectors!


Best of Photography


Each afternoon the smoke would billow up from the wildfire that was approximately 30 miles away, turning the sky prematurely dark and making the light a crimson red. If this is what the apocalypse looks like, it is beautiful. (Update – we have heard from two friends in the area that they have been evacuated from their homes. It is getting too close. Hopefully it will be contained soon!)


Smoke over the show


Leaving the Sun Valley/Ketchum area we drove across another fire site – a moonscape with scorched earth as far as we could see.


Post-fire moonscape

D) We came across Alkali Lake in southern Oregon that seemed to be missing a key component, but without the water it will make a beautiful abstract piece!


Waterless Lake Alkali

We found Lakeview, Oregon that actually had water! (and great hamburgers)


Kyle hogged Mount Shasta on his side of the van.

Mount Shasta out the window

E) We made a stop into Vintage Wine Bar in Redding, CA to pay another surprise visit to our good friends, Erin and Jeff. It was a great visit and an awesome restaurant!


Victor and Penny at Vintage in Redding, CA


F) And F for Finally, we are here: Mill Creek Campground in the Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park, near Crescent City, CA. Where the trees (and stumps) are so big our camper can hide behind them.


Camper behind a tree


Our bikes are locked to the bear box in our campsite. (Since my friend Chris reminded me of the bike riding bear in the circus, I thought we better make appropriate precautions to keep them from riding off with ours.)

Bikes and Bearbox


And this was our morning hike.


Del Norte Coastal Redwoods - Trestle Trail


So if you will excuse me, I have some woods, and beach, and tidepools to explore… If you don’t hear from me for a while you will know why!






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  1. blj August 16, 2013 at 9:53 pm #

    I enjoyed the travelog. We are headed to North Carolina in the morning with some scenic drives on the way. Enjoy your camping!

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