There are no people like show people!

I am blown away by the talent that Kyle and I are surrounded by.


Katie Gilchrist

When we are trav­el­ing to shows, we are sur­round­ed by tons of tal­ent­ed visu­al artists, some of which I have already intro­duced you to. But in con­trast, because of the soli­tary nature of my stu­dio work, when we are back in KC we are sur­round­ed by Kyle’s peo­ple — per­form­ers.

Mar­co Pas­col­i­ni





Kansas City is becom­ing the hotbed of the per­form­ing arts that it once was, in the days of Char­lie Park­er and free-flow­ing, pro­hi­bi­tion defy­ing liquor. The moniker “Paris of the Plains” is begin­ning to take hold again. Liv­ing right in the cen­ter of it, we can some­times for­get what a spe­cial place and time this is. Hav­ing one of the most tal­ent­ed actors in town, Katie Gilchrist, spend the day work­ing with us in the stu­dio; ren­o­vat­ing a house with one of the most laud­ed gui­tarists in town, Mar­co Pas­col­i­ni; receiv­ing texts from our close friends Erin and Jeff, who are tour­ing the west coast as Vic­tor and Pen­ny, but are soon to return to KC where they choose to reside; this famil­iar­i­ty makes it easy to for­get the extent of the artistry that sur­rounds us, and that it is our friends and peers that are lead­ing this cre­ative renais­sance.


Erin McGrane and Jeff Frel­ing as Vic­tor & Pen­ny

So while the tour bus­es pass by the stun­ning­ly beau­ti­ful Nel­son-Atkins muse­um to awe the pas­sen­gers, and the Kauff­man Cen­ter for the Per­form­ing Arts con­tin­ues to get inter­na­tion­al press, the local press knows that it is the home-grown tal­ent behind the walls that is mak­ing Kansas City real­ly spe­cial! Some­times it takes the local press to remind us. Not to tell us some­thing we don’t already know, but to allow us the per­spec­tive — an arm’s length view to see it with. It’s like re-kin­dling your home-town pride by tak­ing a first time vis­i­tor to all the best sites in the city.


Kyle and Erin

So to our crazy tal­ent­ed friends that are chang­ing the face of Kansas City, I say a big THANK YOU! I am proud of you us! (and thank you Tim Finn for the reminder!)

Really and truly — take a few minutes to read about our remarkable friends!


Katie Gilchrist


Marco Pascolini


Victor & Penny



And btw, Kyle has a show open­ing tomor­row night (Fri­day, June 20<sup class="ordinal">th</sup>) as part of the KC Fringe Fes­ti­val with yet anoth­er group of very tal­ent­ed peo­ple!


  1. Erin July 19, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    Yes! per­fect­ly said. And thanks to you, Chris, our award win­ning, won­der­ful visu­al artist!! We miss you and KC and will see you all very soon.

    • Chris July 19, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

      Erin — hope your birth­day yes­ter­day was a beau­ti­ful as you are. Oh, how we love Ore­gon too!

  2. bigjim July 20, 2012 at 12:01 pm #

    thanks AGAIN for shar­ing all your peeps with me!! i am so lucky to have met so many tal­ent­ed peo­ple in KC and seen so many shows and per­for­mances and pre­sen­ta­tions
    i wish i was there for kyle’s show!! i love to see the myr­i­ad facets of his tal­ent. miss you. xoj

    • Chris July 20, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

      Wish you were here for tonight’s show too. Miss you!

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