Toolbox Series

Dahlquist studio hosts workshops to fill the artist’s toolbox:

“If all you have is a hammer everything will look like a nail”


I’m really excited about a new series of workshops in my studio. Well, really I’m excited to gather up some photographer and artist friends to create and learn together. I’m excited by the possibilities that can happen when we get together in one room for a couple of days of hands on playing and exploration of process. We could all use some new tools in our toolbox! Right?

Upcoming Events:


I’m still working on the schedule for 2014, but there are some super exciting things ahead. Do you have something you would like to see added to the series? Something you want to teach? Something you want to learn?

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Past Events:

Stratocumulus by Sarah Hearn

Digital Fresco presented by Sarah Hearn

Nov 15-17, 2013

Dahlquist Studio
Kansas City, Missouri

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