Unbound: Voices of Madagascar

The Pilot, ©2014 Unbound

Having long admired both the creative and philanthropic work of my good friend Barclay Martin, I have actively been looking for an opportunity for us to collaborate. It finally presented itself when I was given the chance to curate an exhibit and help develop a strategy for raising awareness about Unbound and their latest recording project highlighting the musical gifts of the Unbound community in Madagascar.

I think the first conversation went something like, “We are going to release a cd of music without any of the musicians present. It is really amazing, but how do we make anyone care?” Well, my treasured friend I believe we did it!

It has been an amazing journey thus far, and the creative cohort that made our first event possible was some of the best talent Kansas City has to offer. At the risk of being a big ol’ name dropper, who gets to work with Barclay Martin, Giuliano Mingucci, Quixotic Fusion, Lindsey Pryor Jones, Rick Willoughby, John Story, Kyle Dahlquist, and Mark Berndt, all at the same time?!?! I am humbled…


Wisdom, ©2014 Unbound


The Album – Sound photographs of Madagascar:

The Kansas City based non-profit, Unbound, sent Barclay Martin and Giuliano Mingucci to Madagascar with the intent to simply record an album, highlighting the talents of their members who reside there. But what they brought back was much more. By recording both images and music, they have created a vibrant window into the remote island nation, and the Unbound community there. Whether made in the fields, alleys, or the homes of those in the sponsorship program, the result is a raw honest image that defies the stereotypes of those who live in poverty.

Each photograph in this gallery tells the story of a resilient Malagasy community who shared their gift of song in the unprecedented recording project. The resulting CD, Voices of Unbound: Madagascar, is filled with songs written and performed exclusively by members of the Unbound community, and is as luminous as those that made it.


Learn more about the project, hear the music and see the videos here



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