Voices of Unbound: Madagascar

 The Voices of Unbound: Madagascar CD

I’m so proud of my friend Barclay Martin for his latest musical project, released yesterday. He, along with fellow musician and audio engineer Giuliano Mingucci, traveled to Madagascar to record and share the music of the Malagasy people. The CD takes you on a journey to the isolated island country where members of the Unbound community shared their voices and cultural songs for this musical compilation. What is Unbound? One of the most amazing, responsible, and impactful non-profits in the world that you’ve never heard of.

CD purchases will support education through Unbound.

Watch a beautiful, behind-the-scenes video and get a taste of the cd :


Stay tuned to see what additional treats Barclay and I have been cooking up together.

(And if you are in KC go ahead and mark your calendar for November 7th because you won’t want to miss what we have going!)

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