Way Back with Cathy Broski

Cathy Broski

Cathy and I go way back.


Like back to those skinny knit ties and asymmetrical hairstyles that were fashionable so long ago. You know, the ones that have been unpopular for so long that they come around to popular again. Like fake ids and the mornings of bumping into each other in the hall at our boyfriends’ shared house (both of which are now our husbands). All the way back to when Cathy and I took a big road atlas, a borrowed listing of art festivals, and began marking the cities with festivals where we had family or a free place to stay.


I’m glad to report that we, our boyfriends/husbands, our hairstyles, our artwork, and our businesses have improved since then. And lately she has either found a better cure for itchy feet than I have, or better manages to keep her wanderlust in check, or more likely she just found a very clever way to stay home more with her husband Sasha. But whatever the case may be, these days when I’m traveling, I don’t get to see Cathy as much as I used to or would like to.

Sculpture available at Artful Home


But this weekend I am going to to see her on her home turf, and if you are in Kansas City you can too. She is graciously opening her studio as part of the KC Clay Guild Studio Tour and Sale, with a special opening Friday night. Not in KC? You can still buy her work and have it in time for your gift exchange. See her work (and that of many other fine artists) in Artful Home.

Thanks Cathy for helping me start on this crazy, beloved path!


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  1. bigjim December 7, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    keep em coming! assymetrical haircuts!! heehee!!

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