What’s in a name?

Mile Marker XXX

There are as many stories as there are Mile Markers.

Titles are meant to act as a nudge, a hint, the first line of a story. Especially titles that seemingly are about a distinct place. They hint at specificity, maybe calling to mind an exact location, or perhaps simply triggering the memory of counting the miles on the long family vacations.  The significance of the name isn’t found in the numbers.  Your stories are the Mile Markers – they are not duplicated but they are everywhere.


Mile Marker 268, 16x22


This powerful story is from fellow artist, Sharon Spillar after reading the post “Booth Lessons”:

“So mile marker 268. This can only be Kansas. I know that place. Checking with my Mom to double check the mile marker number. With my husband I still am inconclusive. I traveled that road many, many times. Many people travel it and make complaints. I find that I am at home. I find peace. I find day dreams that I have missed. I grew up in Kansas and I truly cannot find any complaints.

What mile marker 268 for me is about the time I regain my peace. My Dad was an oil man and worked that part of Kansas. He was killed in a traffic accident at mile marker 263.5 ( I thought ) or 262.5 ( Verne thinks) but what ever it is. I know the spot because of the positioning of the bridge. But what I can say is that by this mile marker I have recollected myself, I have been brought back together by that vast depth of space, and I am home again.

Chris we have only met once but I am telling you this. You captured that area.

Thank you, Sharon Spillar”


What is your story?

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