Where did the winter go?

We have a complicated relationship with winter around here.

I know it’s still cold outside and we are expecting snow AGAIN this weekend, but here at Dahlquist Studio Land our winter is officially over and we are working our fingers to the bone eager to get this show on the road. The time of woodshedding and hibernation is over. It is time for us to buckle in, knuckle down, put our hand to the plow, make the final push, wrap up the details, and complete all those things that keep getting pushed to the bottom of the list!

So after a serious how the Hell are we going to get this all done? strategizing session this morning, we have some dates you don’t want to miss!

Colectivo Tan 473

Colectivo Tan 473

 Feb 28:

Last day to enter Be Nice & Do Good for a chance to win the February artwork by donating to Colectivo Tan 473. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, we know they are already putting your donations to good use. But every little bit helps, and your dollar can buy a lot of art supplies in pesos!


top-secret-envelopeMarch 7:

Exclusive first look and free shipping on the newest Mile Marker pieces if you are on my email list. Don’t receive my emails? Sign-up now to receive the one with the password to enter the private galleries. Then be sure my email address is in your address book; those pesky spam filters don’t always know a good thing when they see it!


Entrance from Reliquaries

Entrance from Reliquaries


March 25-28:

Fotofest International in Houston, Texas, where I will be sharing my new series Reliquaries with gallerists and curators from around the world, finding great partners to help present this work to a wider audience. Do you have a great gallery near you that you love that I should get in touch with? Want to introduce me? What museum has your favorite photography collection?



March 28-30:

Bayou City Art Festival in Houston Texas, where I will be exhibiting the Mile Marker series in the beautiful Memorial Park –  including a new 8 foot triptych that is knocking my socks off. If you want to get invitations to this show or similar ones in your area, please sign up on my email list. (You will also get the exclusive sneak peek at the ginormous triptych!)


April 1:

April Fool’s Day – We sleep!


So if you see either of us between now and April 1st and we don’t appear to be working, would you please hand us a cup of coffee and send us straight back to the studio!

(But keep in mind sometimes our work isn’t recognizable as such. The swing dance lessons are TOTALLY work!)  🙂

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