Whew what a week!

Sorry about the lack of blog post last week. I wanted to write to you, but, the thing is, the last cou­ple of weeks have been really, really busy.

I have cap­tured some of the high-lights and low-lights for you in pic­tures. Each one could be a post by itself, but the clock is tick­ing and I must go set up my show again in a few minutes.

39″ x 69″ before framing

As the week started, I made the largest piece I have ever made. Hope­fully it will be dry and ready to show in Sun Val­ley in August. It is three times larger than my cur­rent largest!


Week­end fore­cast for Denver

As we hit the road, we were excited to see that the heat had finally bro­ken in Col­orado, and accus­tomed to the after­noon rains, we were not con­cerned with the chance of pre­cip­i­ta­tion. So we cel­e­brated with our friends Beth Bojarski and Mark Win­ter. (Whose blog is appro­pri­ately named, “Hang­ing with the Wrong Crowd” )

Mar­gar­i­tas as big as our heads

Pre show cel­e­bra­tion looks like this.

Kyle prepar­ing a piece for it’s new home.

Dur­ing day one of the arts fes­ti­val we meet some great peo­ple and sell some great art­work. Our booth is sur­rounded by friends and we are hav­ing a great time!

Kyle and Lynn Whipple

So cel­e­bra­tion after day one of the show looks like this! The bar at the Loews doesn’t know what has hit them. But what­ever it is, it is in a bathrobe.

Sat­ur­day floods

And then Sat­ur­day of the show looks like this!

And this!

Thank­fully with the rock solid booth that Kyle builds, we sus­tained no dam­age. Unfor­tu­nately, some other artists weren’t so lucky.

Dale and John

After an early end to our show, Dale Jar­rett and John Whip­ple do a rain dance to bring bet­ter skies for the next day. They did a good job, because despite the 60% chance of rain we didn’t get a drop!

Etch­ing press

The show ends, and Mon­day morn­ing we head to our friends Steve and Karen Smith’s house in Parker, Co before dri­ving home. I have been look­ing for an etch­ing press for some time to begin work­ing in pho­togravure. With a lit­tle time off in a city, I will cruise craigslist.com to check on presses. So with an incred­i­ble small world story (that I will save for another post), we found our­selves trav­el­ing to our friends’ house to buy their press. Hooray!  Then it’s home­ward bound for a 56 hour lay-over.


When we arrived home (with house­guests Jim Brown and Kina Crow) we found our sweet lit­tle out­door kitty, Abi­gail, in a lot of dis­tress. She was hav­ing a hard time breath­ing and was very lethar­gic. With a quick trip to the hos­pi­tal and then a looong wait for test results, we found out she is asth­matic. Relieved that it wasn’t worse, we all set about design­ing a inhaler to hang from her neck with its accom­pa­ny­ing sign, “Dear human, yes, you with the thumbs…”

So after another round of apple pick­ing, squeez­ing in one more rehearsal for the show Kyle is open­ing next week, and another 10 hours in the van — last night we found our­selves here.

War­ren Dunes State Park, Michigan

And today it looks like this.

Lake Michi­gan

And because the adven­ture is far from over I must now go set up my booth, high on a bluff above Lake Michi­gan, and be done in time for a radio inter­view (more on that later).


What did you do last week?

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