Whew what a week!

Sorry about the lack of blog post last week. I wanted to write to you, but, the thing is, the last couple of weeks have been really, really busy.

I have captured some of the high-lights and low-lights for you in pictures. Each one could be a post by itself, but the clock is ticking and I must go set up my show again in a few minutes.

39" x 69" before framing

As the week started, I made the largest piece I have ever made. Hopefully it will be dry and ready to show in Sun Valley in August. It is three times larger than my current largest!


Weekend forecast for Denver

As we hit the road, we were excited to see that the heat had finally broken in Colorado, and accustomed to the afternoon rains, we were not concerned with the chance of precipitation. So we celebrated with our friends Beth Bojarski and Mark Winter. (Whose blog is appropriately named, “Hanging with the Wrong Crowd” )

Margaritas as big as our heads

Pre show celebration looks like this.

Kyle preparing a piece for it's new home.

During day one of the arts festival we meet some great people and sell some great artwork. Our booth is surrounded by friends and we are having a great time!

Kyle and Lynn Whipple

So celebration after day one of the show looks like this! The bar at the Loews doesn’t know what has hit them. But whatever it is, it is in a bathrobe.

Saturday floods

And then Saturday of the show looks like this!

And this!

Thankfully with the rock solid booth that Kyle builds, we sustained no damage. Unfortunately, some other artists weren’t so lucky.

Dale and John

After an early end to our show, Dale Jarrett and John Whipple do a rain dance to bring better skies for the next day. They did a good job, because despite the 60% chance of rain we didn’t get a drop!

Etching press

The show ends, and Monday morning we head to our friends Steve and Karen Smith’s house in Parker, Co before driving home. I have been looking for an etching press for some time to begin working in photogravure. With a little time off in a city, I will cruise craigslist.com to check on presses. So with an incredible small world story (that I will save for another post), we found ourselves traveling to our friends’ house to buy their press. Hooray!  Then it’s homeward bound for a 56 hour lay-over.


When we arrived home (with houseguests Jim Brown and Kina Crow) we found our sweet little outdoor kitty, Abigail, in a lot of distress. She was having a hard time breathing and was very lethargic. With a quick trip to the hospital and then a looong wait for test results, we found out she is asthmatic. Relieved that it wasn’t worse, we all set about designing a inhaler to hang from her neck with its accompanying sign, “Dear human, yes, you with the thumbs…”

So after another round of apple picking, squeezing in one more rehearsal for the show Kyle is opening next week, and another 10 hours in the van – last night we found ourselves here.

Warren Dunes State Park, Michigan

And today it looks like this.

Lake Michigan

And because the adventure is far from over I must now go set up my booth, high on a bluff above Lake Michigan, and be done in time for a radio interview (more on that later).


What did you do last week?

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  1. bigjim July 15, 2012 at 5:31 pm #

    miss youse! xoj

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